Frequently Asked Questions


Safety is of utmost importance to Buffalo Mountain Adventures. We believe that having highly qualified and competent staff is the first step to ensuring safety of all participants. All of our guides undergo certifications in Wilderness First Response, as well as other training programs pertinent to their interests.


Before embarking on a tour/adventure with us, we will reach out and let you know of anything you may need to bring on the trip or be prepared for. We will also spend time with you prior to the adventure and walk you through basic safety precautions.


We will provide you with the equipment necessary for any adventure. If you have your own equipment that you’d like to use (your lucky helmet, favorite harness), just let your guide know and we’ll make sure it meets safety requirements.

Questions & Answers

Though we are flattered, we are not the same company as Buffalo Mountain Ziplines. They are a separate (and awesome) entity, though we work together sometimes. We’d be happy to coordinate a trip for you to visit them.

One of our buses is handicap accessible. However, some of the places we visit may not be. We welcome people of all abilities on our adventures! Please let us know ahead of time what your needs are and we will do our best to make accommodations


As we are a start up company, we do not yet have a brick and mortar building. Adventures and tours are planned in advance and we choose an agreeable location to meet up for the trips. We do plan to have a shop one day and would love for you to visit us at that time!

Besides the outstanding outdoor attractions, there are countless options for fun/recreation in Floyd. We recommend you check out the website for other local options, such as art studios, live music, restaurants, etc

Alcohol Policy (“Important Note about Safety”)

Due to the nature of adventure activities, it is important for people to be of sound mind and body while participating in any activities offered by Buffalo Mountain Adventures. Therefore, we do not allow participants to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances that may cause impairment. If we observe that someone is acting impaired in any way or behaving in such a way that may endanger themselves or other participants, we reserve the right to bar the participation of that person/persons. We also ask that participants not consume or be in possession of any alcohol or substance that might impair them during their participation in an activity with us.

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