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The mission of Buffalo Mountain Adventures is to remind people of all ages the wonder of the natural world around us through adventure education. Our inspiration behind becoming adventure tour guides came from a group of friends with a passion for introducing others to the joys of engaging in outdoor recreation. Aside from the fun and excitement provided by these excursions, BMA recognizes the need for a deeper connection to our Earth, one that is vastly lacking in today’s society. We believe that a connection and appreciation for nature is the catalyst for truly transformative work that can change lives. That change is contagious and can inspire personal growth throughout entire communities. We aspire to take the stress and guess-work out of accessing the outdoors. With that we give your very next tour guide.


Community Collaboration -(BMA) will serve as a facilitator of activities within Floyd and surrounding counties. One of the business’ main goals is to increase the flow of business to our community and the already existing businesses here by making it easier for people to access those services. Connection - The team values the importance of deep connection with ourselves, the Earth, and our community. Trust - The team shares a deep trust in all of life’s processes and changes, as well as a trust for each other and our community.

meet your tour guides

Brittany “The Buffalo”

Brittany holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Appalachian State University and has worked in the field of human services in a variety of settings, such as community mental health, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. She has a special interest in mindfulness education and has facilitated mindfulness-based groups in local jails and schools. Brittany has a profound love of spending time outdoors and has been a whitewater kayaker for eight years.

Aaron “River Squatch”

Aaron has twenty years of experience in rock climbing. He was introduced to the sport of stand-up paddle boarding six years ago and has been an avid whitewater paddler ever since. Aaron has a passion for introducing people to the outdoors and loves teaching others new skills. He has been working as a high ropes course instructor at Appleridge Farm for a decade. Through this experience, Aaron has led people of all ages through a variety of different camps, retreats, and team-building exercises.

Chris “Wolf Bear Squirrel”

Chris holds a degree in Adventure Education from Garrett College. He also has through-hiked the Appalachian Trail and has thirty years of experience in outdoor activities of all types. Wolf Bear Squirrel has a special interest in caving and rock climbing, and a vast knowledge of many of the local caves. Chris has successfully led many groups of adults and children through caves, down rivers, and on rock walls. Chris is the Lead High Ropes Course Instructor at Appleridge Farm.

Sorjn “Danger B”

Our first (and only) Junior Guide. Sorjn (middle name Danger- no joke) is a junior paddleboard extraordinaire. Sorjn has been in more caves and climbed on more walls than most adults we know of!

Instructor Certificates

High Ropes Course

Swift Water Rescue 

Wilderness First Aid & Wilderness First Responder